• Taiwan Beats International Conference

    Music and Tech Trending 2017

    Aug 24 2017 | Eslite Performance Hall

  • About

    Music flows, so do times.


    Everyday we put on our headphones, exhilarating music flows into our ears with the surging pace of trends. For the past two to three months, we’ve been through the death of MP3 and iPod, the struggling of Soundcloud, the release of the first and ever Blockchain album, and the domination of Hip Hop in mainstream market… Each Era
    begins and ends so suddenly that we couldn’t react promptly, yet another is at hand.


    Standing in the current, we thought to ourselves: Music has given us so much, what can
    we do for music?


    At the 3rd annual Taiwan Beats International Conference, we hope to invite people who care about music to unveil the future together. In 2015, we talked about app and data application; in 2016, we talked about online content; and this year, we keep the tradition and have invited numerous local and foreign music industry experts to come discuss the leading music industry technologies and innovation topics with us. With the vision to push Taiwan’s music industry forward, this conference is free of charge. On Aug. 24 th , let’s make time to participate in this conference, listen to what the experts have to offer and help ourselves prepared for the future of the music industry.

  • Topics


    Global Music Publishing Trends: Dos and Don'ts in the Age of Streaming

    Moderated by Kuowei Cheng (鄭國威), the editor-in-chief of PanMedia, the panel includes Joe Conyers III, VP Technology of Downtown Music Publishing; Matt Parsons, CEO of Ditto Music; and Yeves Tsai (蔡政忠), a well-known music critic and intellectual
    property expert. They will discuss the trends of international music rights management in the streaming era such as the role change of music rights management companies, digital distributors and record labels and the scale of change in royalties. In addition, they will analyze the market context in Asia, meanwhile providing their opinions on how Taiwan could get involve in the ecosystem of international music rights.


    Fan Data Management with BandSquare: Learn How to Reach Your Fans

    BandSquare provides a data visualization platform for musicians to accurately understand their potential customers and current fan base. Besides creating surveys directly, providing exclusive contents to cultivate loyalty, users can also receive real-time cross regional data, and utilize it to sell tickets and merchandising through email and newsletter. The integrated platform allows artists to increase their revenue and fan loyalty, at the same time developing new markets with lower costs.


    After working at the Marketing digital strategy at Universal Music, Chloe founded and is currently the CEO of BandSquare, a survey and data management platform first dedicated to artists. She will analyze the data collected on the platform and share with us the correct way of interpreting data on various platforms.


    Change the Way You Record Music Forever: 3D Audio by Hooke Audio

    Hooke Verse is a pair of Bluetooth headphones designed by Hooke Audio. Specially placed mics allow you to capture 3D surround sound. Once shared via App, the 3D surround sound can be experienced on any 2 channel system. This product had raised more than $160,000 (about NT$ 4.9 million) on Kickstarter and has started selling now.
    This design can change the way people experience and share music, even integrating with VR technology in the future.


    Anthony Mattana is a professional sound effect designer and composer. He had produced sound effects for various Broadway shows, including the famous “Sleep No More”. As the founder and CEO of Hooke Audio, he will introduce us the product “Hooke Verse”, including its market positioning and the international trends and applications for surround sound effects.

    Business Matching

    This year’s Taiwan Beats international forum has invited both local and foreign experts in the fields of music rights management, digital distribution, fan insight, surround sound effect, binaural recording. They are all interested in and passionate about Mandarin Pop Music, and hope to meet and collaborate with more Mandarin Pop music

  • Panel Speakers

    Joe Conyers III

    Downtown Music Publishing

    VP of Technology

    Joe Conyers III is the VP and General Manager of Songtrust as well as the VP of Technology for Downtown Music Publishing. Joe was named the youngest ever Digital Power Player by Billboard Magazine. Joe were often invited to deliver speeches at many music forums internationally, including SXSW, Midem and Grammy.


    Founded in 2007, Downtown Music Publishing is a leading global music rights management company. Our clients include famous artists and singers like The Beatles, Hans Zimmer, One Direction… etc.

    Matt Parsons

    Ditto Music


    Ditto Music is a global leading digital music distribution platform in the industry. It has assisted its clients without record deals hit the UK Top 40 charts, thus earned itself a Guinness World Record. Under Ditto’s marketing strategies, there are 11 more cases had
    written the legendary story again. .


    Furthermore, Ditto Music collaborated with legal consultants to launch the product “Record Label In A Box”. Costing only 99 Euro, the package includes necessary assistance that helps musicians set up their own record label. To date, the product has assisted in the set up of 6,000 record labels. Besides assisting artists in releasing music and managing copyrights for their artists, Ditto Music also provides promotion and
    chart registration services to free artists from business trivial.

    蔡政忠 Yeves Tsai

    Robert Tsai & Associates Law Office

    Senior Counsel

    Yeves Tsai, also known as “Magua (馬瓜)”, is a senior music critic. Formerly the judges of Golden Indie Music Awards (金音獎), held by Ministry of Culture and AMP Awards (音樂推動者大獎), Tsai is now the senior counsel of Robert Tsai & Associates Law Office who has expertise in intellectual property and commercial contract and the convener of Taiwan
    Music Writing Group. He also writes English commentary for the international music information platform “beehype” to introduce local Taiwanese music.

  • Keynote Speakers

    Anthony Mattana

    Hooke Audio


    Anthony Mattana is the inventor of Hooke Verse, the first wireless Bluetooth
    headphones that combines 3D surround sound recording microphone and app in the world. He is also a musician, composer and audiophile. He was formerly a well-trained theater sound effect designer, therefore he had experience working in Broadway
    Theaters (Kingkong, Motown: The Musical and Bullets over Broadway… etc.) and designed sound effects for over a hundred of theater performances. It was at the period that he got to know the field of surround sound.


    He believes people should treat sound as creatively as taking pictures or videos on
    smartphones. His dream is making this futuristic recording method approachable not only for not only the professionals but also the mainstream audience, thus changing the way of recording.


    It’s time to take the process of recording to a whole new level. He also shows
    appreciation to all of the organizations that provided assistance. This project has earned him awards at Young Designer to Watch and Midem.

    Chloé Julien



    Chloé was formerly in charge of digital marketing strategies in Universal Music Group before she founded Bandsquare, the first artist-oriented online survey and information management platform. Currently BandSquare collaborates with gaming, sports, branded business and media companies.

    In 2017, BandSquare was acquired by Fimalac group and its ticketing subsidiary in France.

  • Moderators

    鄭國威 Kuowei Cheng

    Pan Media


    Kuowei Cheng is a Taiwanese online media insider, and the co-founder of PanSci group. The group features various high quality content brands that create articles across the fields of science, entertainment, entrepreneurship, non-profit and maker. He has desire for knowledge in various fields and strong sense of purpose toward media innovation, hoping to share this curiosity with more people as possible.

    李明璁 Mingtsung Lee

    NTU Department of Sociology

    Assistant Professor

    Lee holds a doctoral degree in social anthropology from King's College, University of Cambridge. He is currently teaching in NTU Department of Sociology. He participated in the launce of the movie magazine cue. Acted as editor in chief, he had assisted in curating dozens of museum and artistic expositions. He was the executive editor of the elementary school pop music complementary material, The Future of Music: Ten Ccritical Topics of Taiwanese Pop Music (樂進未來:台灣流行音樂的十個關鍵課題) and Echoes of the Times: Taiwanese Pop music in Memories (時代迴音:記憶中的台灣流行音樂)
    (awarded by the 44th Golden Tripod Awards as outstanding publication). His personal publications include the essay collection The philosophy in Things (物裡學), novel Rock Moments... etc. He has served as a judge for many awards such as Golden Bell Awards (金鐘獎), Golden Tripod Awards (金鼎獎), Golden Visual Awards (金視獎), Taiwan Excellence Awards (國家精品獎), Literary Award of China Times (時報文學獎) and Lin Rung San Literature Awards (林榮三文學獎). He is also the art advisor of Taipei City

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